Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Video Interview: Eoin Colfer!

I had a quick chat to Eoin Colfer as he was in Sydney for the Sydney Writers’ Festival.  He was having afternoon tea near the harbour with the water glistening in the background.  I couldn’t help thinking about how we live in a magical city.

Eoin trained as a teacher, and when he showed his son the first ten pages of Artemis Fowl his son’s response was “You didn’t write this”!

The idea for Artemis came from a photo of his brother, at the age of 7, dressed in a suit and making a very funny face. Eoin knows kids loves technology and he wanted to bring technology to his fairy story and so the first Artemis Fowl book was born.
The 8th and final Artemis Fowl book will be published in on July 10th this year. This final chapter of the exciting and well-loved Artemis Fowl series is called The Last Guardian, and is eagerly awaited.  It’s often a sad moment when a favourite character’s journey comes to an end, but Eoin realised the Artemis story was finished and didn’t want to betray the beginning of the story.

Eoin, who lives in his native country of Ireland, said a big thank you to all his Australian readers “from the bottom of my green heart”.

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